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For an estimate of your homeowners insurance and property replacement costs, please complete the brief form below. A physical inspection of each property is required, therefore Reeves & Melvin's jurisdiction is limited to the Counties outlined in the drop-down menu of this form.


Your name:
House Number
In which county do you live?
Your telephone number:
Your fax number:
Your e-mail address
Your occupation:
Is your home located within 1,000 feet of a fire hydrant?
Is your home located within 5 miles of a fire station?
How many rooms are in your home?
What year was your home built?
Which category best describes your home?
Economy: tract-style home built with lower-grade workmanship/materials, usually with wood, clapboard, or stucco siding.
Standard: tract-style home built with average to high-grade workmanship/materials, usually having wood, clapboard, or stucco siding and trim.
Custom: superior tract-style home built with excellent workmanship/materials. May have stone exterior with high-quality trim inside and out.
Luxury: an architectually designed hom with excecllent workmanship/materials, elaborate trim, and other special features.
Square Footage
Square Footage 1st Level
Finished Attic
Finished Basement
Full Bathroom(s)
Half Bathroom(s)
Enclosed Breezeway
Central A/C
Dining Room
Entrance Hall
Family Room
Laundry Room
Living Room
Mud Room
Recreation Room
Roof Type
Sewing Room
Utility Room
Walk-In Closet
Dog(s)(number, breed)
Explain claims in past three years, if any
Is there a current policy in force?
Age of Roof
Age of plumbing or when upgraded
Electric Type
Electric AMPS (i.e. 100, 200, etc)


***NOTE*** This is an illustration and not a policy. The policy will have the normal limitations and exclusions applying to all policies issued in this state. The policy will be subject to confirmation of premium rates, driving records and normal underwriting investigation by the company.

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